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Welcome to Ontario Wholesale Energy Gas & Electric

A trade name of ONIT Energy Ltd., OWE is a creative, boutique Energy Retailer with over sixty years of combined energy experience. Our standards are high, and we strive to achieve ‘Service Excellence’ by earning your trust and respect daily.

is Risk-Free

Cancel any time

We are the first energy retailer in Ontario to introduce two unique “Cancel Anytime” Programs for our small and mid-sized commercial customers.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our product or service, you can cancel your Agreement at any time, without questions, fees, or penalties. This means that small and medium sized consumers can purchase their electricity or natural gas like a large volume customer, BUT without any long-term commitments. If the program works for your business as you feel it should, great. If it doesn't, you can leave at any time, with only 90 days’ notice.

Backed by Major
Energy Supplier

peace of mind

OWE is backed by our major energy supplier, Shell Energy North America, allowing us to make large purchases that yield wholesale prices which are passed on to you, our valued customers.

100% Load Following

All of our programs are 100% load following – meaning you can consume as much or as little gas or electricity as you need without the fear of paying any penalties or reconciliation fees like you may with other retailers.

We manage all of the risk! You enjoy peace of mind.

Speak with one of our Energy Specialists today to find out how Ontario Wholesale Energy can provide your business with price stability AND peace of mind!