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2022 July CNBC

Putin’s new gas squeeze condemns Europe to recession and a hard winter of rationing

Europe’s descent into an economic contraction looks to have been confirmed with Russia squeezing natural gas supplies to the bloc and heavy industry facing tough rationing in the coming months.

2022 July CNBC

Natural gas hits highest level since 2008, on pace for best month ever as Russia cuts supply

Natural gas prices are surging around the world as scorching temperatures stoke demand for the fuel, and as Europe’s push to move away from Russian fuel roils global energy markets.

2022 July CTV

Ontario seeks new electricity generation as demand rises, nuclear plant to be retired

Ontario’s electricity system is searching for more power producers as demand rises and a major nuclear plant nears retirement, a process likely to secure more natural gas generation while the government seeks to end reliance on it.

2022 July BNNBloomberg

Natural gas soars 700%, becoming driving force in the new cold war

One morning in early June, a fire broke out at an obscure facility in Texas that takes natural gas from US shale basins, chills it into a liquid and ships it overseas. It was extinguished in 40 minutes or so. No one was injured. It sounds like a story for the local press.

2022 July CBC

Natural gas rates up roughly 20 per cent inparts of Ontario

Natural gas customers in Ottawa and other parts of Ontario may be in for a shock next time they receive their bill after a rate hike took effect Friday.

2022 June Oil Price

Natural Gas Futures Hit 13-Year High As Traders Expect “Blistering Hot Summer”

Natural gas futures have hit an 13-year high on higher temperatures to come in the next week combined with lower production levels. On Monday, Henry Hub natural gas futures were up nearly 10% at a 13-year high.

2022 June FXEMPIRE

Natural Gas Price Prediction – Prices rise despite cooler temperatures

On Wednesday, natural gas prices moved higher after three days in the red. According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the weather is expected to be warmer than normal during the next 6-10 days and 8-14 in the South.

2022 May Oil Price

U.S. Natural Gas Prices Hit $9 For The First Time Since 2008

U.S. benchmark natural gas prices jumped to above $9 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) early on Wednesday, driven by high LNG exports, warmer weather, and volatile trade ahead of the prompt-month contract expiry.

2022 May Oil Price

U.S. Natural Gas Prices Are Set For A Sustained Rally

Record LNG exports and unseasonably high demand for electricity have combined in recent weeks to push U.S. gas prices considerably higher than they normally are at this time of the year. And this may only be the beginning.

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