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The Long Term forecast: prices are going up. Time to lock in.

Henry Hub Natural Gas Price at Louisiana, All Cases

Energy Board of Canada

Natural gas consumption and use is on the rise; There are serious challenges within the Oil & Gas Industry. We invite you to educate yourself on Natural Gas Industry:

“8 Reasons Natural Gas Could Sky-rocket Over The Next Year”

“U.S. LNG Export Forecast Raised Due to Optimistic Market Outlook”

“Oil Plunge Sparks Bankruptcy Concerns”

“U.S. oil rigs fall below 500”

“One Third of Energy Companies Could Go Bankrupt”, and when they do, production drops and prices spike. In oil-challenged times, natural gas prices often go higher.

Commencing this year, Liquified Natural Gas exports are destined to go offshore to markets in Europe and Asia, which will pressure North American prices upwards.

Natural gas prices are at a 20 year low, and there can never be a better time to guarantee your forward pricing. If you have gotten used to low natural gas prices and want to keep it that way, then Ontario Wholesale Energy’s PriceLock product solution is for you. PriceLock helps guarantee that you will pay one low rate for the next five years, every single month of the year: winter, summer, spring and fall. And for larger volume customers, PriceLock has a special six-month introductory offer.

Let us manage your natural gas needs so that you know exactly what your rate will be for the next five years. That’s Peace of Mind.

Canadian natural gas prices are highly dependent on the United States.

Historical Price Charts

Enbridge Gas   Union Gas
We have basically become one North American Market meaning a weaker Canadian Dollar reflects higher relative pricing.
PriceLOCK Comparison

Natural gas and electricity prices are volatile. They change based on everything from the weather to Wall Street speculation. Because price volatility normally hurts a small business’s bottom line, Ontario Wholesale Energy Gas & Electric created the PriceLock solution. PriceLock provides Real Energy Protection, offering businesses one low rate that does not change for five years, regardless of usage, weather and changing market conditions.

PriceLock is the preferred product of thousands of small businesses and offers Real Energy Protection and true Peace of Mind, allowing business owners to focus on running their business while letting Ontario Wholesale Energy focus on managing their natural gas and electricity costs.

PriceLock is one low rate for all seasons and all usage types
– Real Energy Protection for Peace of Mind.